Hey it's me, David (from Kansas 🧑‍🌾)

*mic check* No, this isn't another tech blog

After seeing everybody else’s substacks, I’ve finally given in and gotten a Substack of my own.

Some may call it the soundcloud for techbros, but I think I’m actually gonna have a fun time with this newsletter!

So what should you expect? The unexpected, of course 😎

You might see musings about my experiences as a new-grad product manager, reflections about my life, commentary about news, and only the highest-quality of shitposting.

The late chef Anthony Bourdain was an early inspiration for my writing style you see today. His no-holds-barred attitude towards life and penchant for simply not giving a FUCK about the status quo is something I aspire to embody every single day.

Full disclaimer, I can’t cook worth shit, but I’m hoping that people like YOU enjoy the words I cook up in the next few months of this publication!

As my bags are packed and my shoes are tied, I’m finally ready to embark on my journey! Where will I go? I have absolutely no idea…

Won’t you join me?